Tauny -Traditional arts in Upstate New York.Foodways are the customs and traditions associated with the preparation and consumption of food.A variety of ethnic foods enhance our local culture.
Rosa Cirrincione's special Italian cookies, served 'down-home' style. Wedding hash, sliders, whoopie pies, johnnycake, bullheads, michigans, crow's nest, and dandelion wine. What do all of these intriguing things have in common? They are all significant food traditions in the North Country of New York State, from the Adirondack Mountains to the St. Lawrence River. Foodways--the customs and arts of food production, preservation, preparation, presentation and consumption--give important clues to the identity of any culture. Through regional and ethnic foods, Good Food Served Right reveals a surprising diversity of people and their folklore in rural upstate communities. Native fish and wild game, together with farm products like cheese, apples, and maple syrup, remain local favorites. This website is a photographic essay illustrating the many ways food plays an integral role in daily life and in people's identities.

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The folklore associated with food is as interesting as the foods themselves.